2022 Separation and Divorce Support Group meetings

The separation and divorce support group meetings are every other week on Wednesday evenings over Zoom. A separation and divorce group offers you the opportunity to meet with others, gain a sense of community, connection and support during uncertain times.

Separation & Divorce Support Group
Wednesday Evenings 2022

6:45 -8:15 PM
$20.00 per session

What happens at a group?


The group members range from newly separated, separated from committed relationships and/or in the process of getting divorced, to after the divorce is final. Bring your questions and experiences. Share at the level you feel comfortable. This is a place where you are welcomed to listen and talk about what is happening in your life with people who can understand and really “get” what you are going through.

Within the group you will find understanding, support and encouragement through both your personal sharing, as well as through hearing the different stories, perspectives and experiences of others. Begin to heal, discover who you are now, find new strengths, clarity and direction.


Some of the issues we talk about are:


The losses

“I feel like my whole life has been turned inside out and upside down”
The loss of your partner, your sense of family and the loss of “the dream”

The changes

“I haven’t been single for so long, who am I?”
The changes in the structure of your daily life and in your identity
The changes in your home life and with family and friends

The challenges

“My ex is like a different person since we separated”
Making legal decisions while you are feeling lost, grieving or angry
Rediscovering who you are outside of your relationship
Creating healthy boundaries between you and your ex that fosters healing
“How can I support my children through all these changes?”
Co-parenting your children
Suddenly becoming a single parent
Keeping your children from getting caught in the middle


“Will I ever feel good again? How long will it take?”
Finding your new normal
Finding new dreams for your future
The four letter word “date” and healthy relationships for your future


What people are saying

“It was good to have an opportunity to share my story. I appreciated the support, encouragement, and validation.
Hearing about other experiences shed some light into my own. Looking forward to another group. Connie and Alison are both wonderful ladies – they are warm and welcoming and offer a lot of insight and wisdom.” -B.E

“I always leave feeling like I was truly listened to. Alison and Connie were so empathetic and had helpful things to say. I felt very comfortable and supported. A Godsend.
Thank you.” -D.D.

“This was a great meeting! A totally safe environment to bring anything and everything to the table.” M.K.

Great! Both counselors are insightful, good listeners and consistently give helpful feedback. Every time I leave I have new thoughts and things to do that will help me along due to their observations. Come!”

Begin getting support now, email for more information.

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Alison Withey, LMHC

Meetings are held virtually over Zoom 6:45 – 8:15 pm

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